Moving Out

I’m moving again, the result of ongoing efforts to understand the relationship between the learner and the learner’s tools. Back in Feb 2006 I moved out of a university-hosted blog because parts of my life got too political for the university. For awhile now I’ve owned my domain and been blogging there.

Then about a year ago I led the unit where I work into blogging, in a blog hosted off campus, but branded with the name of our campus and unit. We have shared some interesting work there related to learning and authentic problems. We watched, but did not understand, what appered to be the strategy of George Hotz to have a blog per problem. (He does not seem to be doing that now, perhaps the social capital around his iPhoneJTag blog is just too great to give up and too hard to migrate.)

It looks like the current economy (is this the death of Web 1.0?) is going to lead to a re-organization of our unit and the current unit-branded blog may have a politically incorrect URL. So, I’m finding reason to build a blog around the problem of community-based learning and attract an affiliation group, rather than an employment group, to participate.

Hence Community-based Learning.

I’m going to re-arrange some of the other pieces of my workspaces in the process. More on that when I have it better refined.


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