Critical Thinking Skills Upgrade and Prezi

WSUCTLT has published in multiple places on its critical thinking rubric. Our work on ePorfolios, and Harvesting Gradebook have us thinking that the Networked Learner needs some skills not well represented in that rubric. We hesitate to use the 21st Centrury moniker, but we need to update for a new era.

A while back, WSUCTLT created a “critical thinking action figure”  a tongue-in-cheek symbol for the skills we hope to develop in students. A desire to re-think the rubric, and a desire to use play as part of the vehicle for that work, has led to a plan for co-creating the 21st Century Global Action Figure based on some of the ideas from Jenkins, Pink, and Rheingold.  We’ve got a tentative date of Friday, June 5, sometime in the afternoon to run the first virtual back-of-the-napkin session.  For fun, JaymeJ created an invitation in Prezi (which is an interesting tool with a lot of possibilities if you’re not familiar with it. (think SeaDragon)  Here is the link to the invitation.

It takes a few minutes to load and then you can click through the sequence by using the right arrow in the lower right corner or you can zoom in or out of objects by clicking on them.

The tool we were planning on using for the back-of-the-napkin session is Twiddla possibly combined with another tool for the audio—still working out the kinks.

We’ll try to capture the sessions and post them.


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