Google Wave unifies Workspace and Showcase Portfolios

Google Wave was just announced at the Google I/O conference, video here. At minute 27:00 to 31:00 you will see a segment with important implications for the conversation we have been having with Helen Barrett about Showcase vs Workspace ePortfolios. Our original, and her graphic.  What seems to be important about Google Wave is the way it is a PLE and by adding new reviewers of some works, a showcase as well.  This could address the challenge of making showcases which might have otherwise been an aftertthought to the actual work.

The ability to imbed a Wave in another environment, such as a blog, could be used to quickly publish work items and invite wider communities to engage with them.

The survey tool shown later in the demo appears to be able to integrate with other aspects of a document, and if so, and if the survey tool is rich enough, might provide the embedded feedback for at least the author’s use as a harvesting gradebook.

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