First Presentation of Harvesting Feedback as Accreditation System

Jayme developed a visualization of the complete harvesting feedback scheme
(a proposal for a WSU learning outcomes process) entitled from student
feedback to university accreditation as part of a presentation for the
Teaching Learning and Technology Group ( Friday Live!

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The term student feedback in the title is an extension of the thinking in
the harvesting gradebook that feedback in both numeric and qualitative forms
is an important goal of “grading.”

A previous TLT group session had laid out in greater detail the harvesting
of feedback for student grading and assessment of the assignment.

2 Responses

  1. […] The web site that was launched for the A of A pilot lets you experience our ideas for how the process might work, but it does not give the context for where that process might sit as a system of learning outcomes assessment. Back in mid-Sept Jayme made a Prezi of the whole concept. […]

  2. […] our first presentation First Presentation of Harvesting Feedback as Accreditation System we struggled with how to represent the curricular map. We used this chart in the […]

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