FW: Rain King Design – My Notes from 2009/10/06

FW: Rain King Design – My Notes from 2009/10/06
—— Forwarded Message
From: Joshua Yeidel
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 12:55:34 -0700
To: “CTLT.Personnel”
Subject: Rain King Design – My Notes from 2009/10/06

The following notes are simply what I wrote down or remembered.  I did not capture all the discussion, and maybe missed some tasks, decisions or consensus.  As always, additions and corrections are more than welcome.

We reviewed the mockup I made after last week’s meeting .  Nils had emailed a comment that the survey was too crowded to use in the right-hand column.  After some discussion of usability, we decided to provide the active survey in a box or window that would “float above” the page bearing the report, so the report could be scrolled without obscuring the survey.  Theron and Blake have a proof-of-concept nearly working.  There would also be a link to print a copy of the rubric, so people can refer to paper if they prefer, but responses would always be entered online.  The survey would be paginated, with one dimension per page, to reduce confusion and make best use of screen real estate.

There was some discussion of techniques to simplify the use of terms from the rubric in the comment boxes.  A browser-based method of selecting and adding terms into the comment box (a slicked-up copy-and-paste) could be worked on after Tuesday.

We also discussed how the overall process would be staged.  For reliability and credibility, it seems best NOT to offer any rating results until the survey is “closed”;  at that point, the link to take the survey would be replaced by a link to view survey results, and a discussion box would also appear.  Survey opening and closing dates would probably need to be determined program-by-program.


Gary is meeting with the College liaisons on Monday to begin bringing them into the process.  We need to have 10 program pages (in diverse colleges) by Tuesday 10/13, or at least a program page for Honors, with 9 others to follow very soon.

  • Mockup of Program Page with float-above survey for Thursday 10/8 – Blake and Theron
  • Identify 10 programs for first run – Nils
  • Some version of A of A rubric in Skylight for Mockup – Peg
  • A of A rubric version ready for liaisons to use – Gary and Peg
  • Instructions for using the Program Page – Kimberly
  • Test Fouth Floor Lab for use with Liaisons – Rich
  • Landing Page verbiage explaining this review – Nils
  • Create space for live “2008-2009” tab – Joshua
  • Recommend setup for discussion – Joshua
  • Create 10 pages for Tuesday – Theron, Blake, Joshua

— Joshua

—— End of Forwarded Message


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