The Launch of WSU System of Assessment

From: Brown, Gary
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 11:25 AM
To: Anelli, Carol A; Baker, Danial; Bray, Brenda; Brown, Gary; Chenoweth, Candace; Cote, Jane M; Helmstetter, Edwin; Jasmer, Doug; Kelly, Roberta; Kidwell, Kim; Lanier, Mary Sanchez; Olsen, Robert G; ‘Pratt, Dick’; Probst, Tahira; Rodriguez-Vivaldi, Ana Maria; Roll, John; Whidbee, David; Ivory, Carol S
Cc: James, Larry G; Byington, Tori C
Subject: Follow up (1 of 2)

Hi Folks,
Thanks for the good meeting yesterday helping us get this effort rolling.
I am breaking the action items (and emails) into two parts.  So here is action item #1, the identification of programs and contacts.  The link below will take you to the SharePoint site where you can update the information.  As I mentioned yesterday, your network ID should provide you with permission to make changes. Alternately, if you prefer to send me the information we can do this.  As soon as each program has a contact, I’ll assign somebody in our office to assist them in all aspects of this work as we move forward.  [Note, SharePoint requires network IDs rather than names.]

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any problems or concerns.

A quick second point…  Here is a link to some assessment highlights from our spring accreditation site.   There are several ‘case studies’ below the three that are featured.  The criteria we used is also available here:   We are using the same criteria to underpin the DRAFT rubric we will use in our Liaison pilot assessment.  More on that will follow this afternoon or first thing tomorrow.  We’re waiting on feedback on the draft from a few more sources and have this afternoon set as deadline for the beta release.

And a quick note:  My sources inform me that we can use either ‘liaison council’ or ‘liaisons council.’  I nominate Bob to make this crucial decision….


Dr. Gary R. Brown, Director
The Office of Assessment and Innovation
Washington State University
509 335-1352
509 335-1362 (fax)


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