Two early concerns–time and purpose

(a liaison writes…)

Subject: RE: Follow up (1 of 2)

Hi Gary,
Thanks for the information and update from the meeting yesterday – sorry that I wasn’t able to attend.  I am looking forward to our meeting on 10/26 to catch up!  I was able to get into the Sharepoint site the information looks correct.  Were there specific things you wanted us to add to our profile?

And just to clarify the goals/outcomes (and process) for this group, it sounds like the participating faculty/programs will be piloting an assessment tool and evaluating its  effectiveness in generating valuable information for the University accreditation.  Once the tool is refined, it will be rolled out to all academic units/programs at WSU for them to complete??  Am I on the right track?

I was also wondering if you have an estimate of the time commitment of this project?  As well as a time line?  (trying to keep my department chair in the loop)

Thanks so much!


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