Rainking Futures Begin to Emerge from the Mist

Notes by Joshua Yeidel

Today’s “University Portfolio Design” meeting began with some meeting-existential questions (like, “What are we meeting for? Do we need this meeting?”). Despite such an unpromising beginning, and the eventual decision that a standing meeting is NOT needed, some useful work took place in clarifying our timeline for the next two years and the locus of our technical work on Rainking.
What follows is my understanding of what emerged today.  Others should feel to weigh in, whether by comments below or in other ways.”University Portfolio Design” meeting
Our standing meeting Thursday at 11am had been migrating toward a Rainking status review meeting.  It was determined that this purpose is better served by including Rainking in the Friday morning All-CTLT meeting.  To keep Rainking from squeezing out other topics, the Friday morning meeting will need to focus on sharing awareness of issues;  issues which cannot be resolved rapidly should be handled off-line from that meeting.”Rainking” SharePoint Site
The site https://universityportfolio.wsu.edu/rainking should be understood as a testbed, sandbox, and project management site (a “dev” or development site).  We anticipate that https://universityportfolio.wsu.edu/2009-10 will be our production site for the coming academic year (or at least, for Fall semester;  see below).

Assessment Timeline

NWCCU will require a report in October 2011 on WSU’s progress in learning outcomes assessment.  Working back from that date, we developed the following rough timeline:

Fall 2009: use NWCCU2009 self-study reports to test harvesting responses to assessment (“assessment of assessment” rubric)

November 2009: Pilot departments turn in self-study report on Fall 2009 assessmentDecember 2009: Harvest responses to pilot self-studies

Spring 2010: Pilot departments implement changes based on Fall assessment and feedback

April 2010: Self-study (description, data, action plan) from all departments

May 2010: harvest feedback on self-studies

August 2010: Potential launch of long-term Univiersity Portfolio systemFall 2010: All departmebnts implement assessment-based changes

Spring 2011: All departments turn in self-study

Spring 2011: University self-study for NWCCU

At least through Fall 2009 we plan to use SharePoint as the hub for self-studies and responses.  We are also looking at alternatives, which could be adopted for Spring 2010 but no later than for Fall, 2010.Portfolio Architecture

Some recent work by Theron, Kimberly, Rich, Judy, and Joshua has implications for the architecture of the University Portfolio 2009-10 site.  lnterested parties will meet to discuss this.


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