Planning for Spring 2010 University-wide Assessment Activity

Planning for Spring 2010 University-wide Assessment Activity Attached are 2 images of the white board created during this meeting

—— Forwarded Message
From: Joshua Yeidel
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 12:22:11 -0700
To: ctltmessages
Subject: Planning for Spring 2010 University-wide Assessment Activity

Our 11AM “Rain King Design” meeting reviewed the actions needed to be ready for the University wide assessment activity (for want of a better name at this point) which we expect to complete in May 2010.   The following action points came up:

  • Gary to update RK project list to combine Rubric Revision, Template, Instructions, and Model Self-Study (“Rocket Science”)
  • Participant Support should include a self-help resource for liaisons and OAI — Ashley to create project in RK project list.
  • OAI staff will need to be connected to Program Points when most of them have been appointed — part of Program Liaisons project
  • Dashboards will be needed for various parts — Joshua (deferred)
  • Timeline of milestones for UWAA will need to be developed as a consensus with liaisons — expand “Program Liaisons” project to include timeline and status and information-sharing with liaisons
  • Need a plan for public information sharing (what and why of UWAA)
  • Need a way to capture feedback about the Fall pilot
  • Need to clone “2008-2009” tab to do a second pilot with the “Rocket Science” model for usability, and should include linkup to report results — Joshua, Theron
  • Keep the Thursday 11AM time, but meet only as needed — Joshua

Please update relevant listings in the Rain King Project Tasks list for tomorrow morning’s staff meeting.

— Joshua

—— End of Forwarded Message


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