Recap of the Planning Request

The Plan We Need

The goal of the plan is to establish the team and strategy to be implemented in the spring.

We are working to be sure ALL programs and ALL teaching faculty, adjuncts, and TAs can report some level of involvement in the program outcomes work, including, minimally, identification of program outcomes on their syllabi and participation in the analysis of results and awareness of the action plan (how the program will be closing the loop).

It is reasonable to expect that the spring assessment will be a pilot, and that therefore the action plan might very well be something focused on ways to make the assessment more robust, valid, and designed to encourage greater participation and use of embedded activities faculty have already been doing in their courses.

So specifically, we hope the plan will include the development of a team and system (rubric criterion #1) and the beginnings of the outcomes and measurement strategy (rubric criterion #2):

1.     Identification of WHO in the program will be involved (#1).
2.     Identification of WHICH core courses and WHAT representative activities students will be doing that will be assessed. (#2)
3.     How that approach to direct measurement will be aligned with other existing indirect measures such as student evaluations, and if not, then how that alignment will be addressed in the future (the plan to plan) (#2)
The goal of this plan to plan is to make sure logistics are in place so that we can increase the likelihood that assessment will take place next spring. The spring deadline is necessary so that programs can also do the analysis and complete a report with action items for fall, 2010, when the updated report to the Northwest Commission is due.

Other Items
·        The rubric revisions are underway, thanks to excellent feedback from this group and staff in OAI.
·        We will have the rubric revisions ready along with two mock model self studies. The models will be aligned with the rubric and should help ongoing deliberations about the process and the template.
·        You can glimpse the rating of the Honors self study along with associated comments at this link.


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