OAI Assessment Request

A Liaison requests the following:


Meet the fall 2010 deadline required by NWCC&U that ALL programs need to be doing program level learning outcomes assessment and using the evidence to implement improvements in the fall of 2010.  The program level assessment needs to be aligned with the WSU university assessment system.

To meet this goal, all programs will need to be doing assessment in the spring of 2010 (or summer) in order to be implementing improvements in the fall of 2010.  To meet the level of assessment quality required, we are asking all programs to share their plans December 18th in order for OAI to provide feedback on their plans.

NWCC&U recognizes that each institution and program has unique characteristics, so no single assessment approach is expected or required, but the principles of good assessment can be generalized and will be used to guide WSU’s process as explained below.

Suggested Approach:

1.      Identify your OAI contact and ask for a meeting so that the assessment plan you develop will be useful to you for improving your program.
2.      To prepare for the meeting (or if you choose to work independently) go to http://oai.wsu.edu/  On the new OAI website are a variety of resources. In bottom edge of the banner, in the gray bar, are three links:
·        Self-Study Template (.doc)
·        Guide to Assessment
·        Resource Packet
For Dec 18, each program is expected to complete a Self-study template. Only section 0, 1, 2 & 4 need to be completed. Programs that are prepared to write section 3 are welcome to.

“Program Point Contacts” and program collaborators are encouraged to use the Guide to Assessment to self-evaluate their self-study. This same tool will be used by OAI to give formative feedback once the self-studies are received.

The Resource Packet contains additional documents that you may find useful, including a step by step process we recommend but that is not required.

Again, program points are encouraged to contact their OAI Point person for assistance.

When complete, the document should be transmitted from the Program Point to the OAI Contact.  A list of these people can be found from the OAI website, left column, red link “Accreditation Liaison Contact List.”  If there are errors in this list, College Liaisons can log in and make changes.

I cannot find the link to the assessment materials you talked about in the meeting today on the OAI website.  This creates a great opportunity for me to request from you a stepwise access protocol that I can send to our departmental contact points to initiate this process.  It would be most helpful to have two things from you to initiate this process:

1.     A clear, concise description of what you expect to be delivered to the contact person from each program on Dec. 18.  After reviewing my notes from today’s meeting I am certain that I cannot convey this request clearly to people.
2.     The access protocol mentioned above.

Are you willing to provide me with this information?

I will request that the point people talk to your contact person before initiating this process.  I expect to get push back as a result of this deadline being right before final grades are due.  We can only ask so much of very busy people at a very hectic time of year.

Thank you.


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