Creating collaboration spaces for programs

Creating collaboration spaces for programs Discussions are ongoing, but converging on the specifics of the web tools we need to support this work.

The Showcase is already in development at
It is intended to be a public space with harvesting feedback on program studies. Its also turning into a kind of portfolio of our efforts

The Workspace, is still being discussed, especially what template to offer, and what other aspect of the terms of service need to be decided.  One of those issues is who is authorized to manage permissions, and if we don’t want programs with that authority, how they can manage some authority self-service. Permissioning an AD group that the program manages is the path we are adopting, with wrinkles, such as this below

—— Forwarded Message
From: Joshua Yeidel
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 13:41:53 -0800
To: OAI messages
Subject: FW: [sharepointdiscussions] RE: AD Groups vs SP Groups

In the Rain King Design meeting today we discussed program workspaces in  The notion was put forward that we would control
SharePoint permissions in the spaces, but add a program-managed Active
Directory group as “contributor”.  Then the program would add or remove
people to/from that group via AD to manage their access to the workspace.

This note from a SharePoint consultant mentions one consideration for that
scheme.  To see who is or is not a contributor, we will have to look in
SharePoint _and_ view the AD group in an Active Directory browser such as
“Active Directory Users and Groups” on Windows.  I don’t think that’s a
fatal flaw in the scheme, but we should be aware of it.

—— End of Forwarded Message

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