ITS private cloud – new POSITIVE updates

Re: [ctltoperations] ITS private cloud – new updates

On 12/18/09 11:39 AM, “Corinna Lo” wrote:
Hi, Arlo

I just talked to Arlo Clizer on their virtualization project.  ITS is moving forward in expanding their virtualization cluster to host their production applications (some funding from Business Affairs).  They are working on the purchase order to go out to Purchasing one of these days.

He expects the earliest they can get something up will be next February.  Their virtualization cluster is on HP Blade server.  They will be using 12 blades, and it can be expanded to a total of 32 blades.  He said they should have the capacity to host our production Skylight.  He does not expect there will be a cost associated with the hosting.  Down the road, if we want to host more virtual machines to their cluster, and they need to expand their cluster to accommodate that, we can simply buy more blades and put into their cluster.

They will work on a terms of service agreement on this hosting.  Most likely, they would simply host, manage the VMWare virtual machine environment, manage the networking and server room condition.  They would not have staff capacity to manage our application, such as patching.  We will have access to the operating system of our virtual machines there, and manage our application.  As for backups, they are working on upgrading/ configuring their Tivoli backup to include the entire virtual machine backups.  Currently, they are simply backing up the data.  I expect there will be some cost associated with the backups as they used to have.  The backup is not stored in ITB1010 currently, but it is on Pullman campus.  Within a year, he expects the backup will be stored somewhere off campus.

As for business continuity, the facility in Spokane campus did not work out.  They are now thinking about to go to WSU Vancouver.  But this is too early to say if it will become a reality.  But they will need to find some solution soon (in the next year as part of their core system planning/ upgrade).

We can talk about what that means in our overall plan in migrating our legacy work in our next Thursday meeting.
I like what I’m hearing so far…

– corinna


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