Exchange with Delinquent Program

December 18th–Deadline for Planning Template

A program point reports:

Gary Brown:  I just received an e-mail from the [Administrative Assistant for the program] indicating you are not pleased with our response to the request for the [snip] program assessment.  I will be glad to respond to your request for revisions after the holidays, but will not  assign a faculty member to revise the assessment document before Christmas, or the New Year for that matter.  I am away from Pullman through January 7, 2010 and have not identified a faculty member interested or willing to devote time to assessment at this time.  I believe the learning outcome and assessment documentation we compiled with Theron and your assistance was very helpful in achieving [professional accreditation] approval for the [program] undergraduate curriculum, and will do my best to fill in the current assessment templates as requested upon returning to Pullman.  Please address any further correspondence regarding assessment of the [program] to me.  Thanks and enjoy the holidays!!

From: Brown, Gary
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 2:50 PM
Thanks for the quick reply,[first name].  We have enjoyed our collaboration with your program for some time and look forward to continuing to do so in the coming year.  I appreciate your recognition of the ever changing challenges related to accreditation, and  I am confident that together our units can work to develop a system of assessment that your faculty find useful, that is understood to be inextricable from good teaching practice, and that simultaneously addresses[professional accreditation] as well as NWCC&U, the Washington state HEC Board, and OFM requirements (and any other agency in the ever expanding realm of interested stakeholders).

And, yes, thanks.  I am ready for the holiday here!

Best and happy holidays to you, too!


Liaison Writes at Deadline

A Liaison writes….

I am leaving town for the weekend but if you let me know on Monday who missed the deadline, I’ll remind chairs at our 10:30 am meeting that you need these asap.

I talked to [the dean about problematic program] … [snip] do we have to enroll someone from the faculty to engage in the assessment process? I’ll [address] this after the holidays.


As you know, TK is the rock star behind the [2 integrated program plans] with a serious assist from Kimberly Green.  I am hoping we can use these examples of models of how to curriculum map well.  I am convinced that this will be a valuable opportunity once people realize how to do it and what the value is in going through the process.  In general, the [program] teaching faculty are on board.  The paradigm is shifting.  I am always hopeful you know.

Have a good weekend.