Status of reports for 2009

Status of reports for 2009

Hi Larry,
Here is where we are at.

1.      “Ready” means we have it and are reviewing it now (or have reviewed and rated).
2.     “Not ready” means we are either talking with or working with programs to get their planning documents (and plans) in shape.
3.      “Not received” means just that, though the overall response is complicated by the limbo status of professional programs.  We will review the few we have received and work with their interested people.

At this point, we will “score” them not using the full scale of the rubric, but categorically into three bins which will be sorted on Monday.  All documents that have been shared with us will receive written feedback.  The three bins:

1.      On Target and going well (high)
2.      On Target with work
3.      Doubtful that adequate progress will be made this spring.

We will press to meet zero week with category #2.  I suspect category #3 represents the meetings with deans that you may want to initiate.

I’m taking my hardworking crew (those that have lasted through this adventure) to Riccos for some Nogg of the Egg at 2:00.  If you are free, please consider joining us.

And have a great holiday!

Attached spreadsheet with details by program status of 2009 self-study reports

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