A program’s response to next steps after receiving feedback

A program’s response to next steps after receiving feedback On Jan 28, 2010 the program representative replied


After our meeting on Tuesday, I began recruiting reviewers for the norming session.  Everyone is busy and no one volunteered.  So, I brought this up with the chair who is unwilling to commit any resources, including faculty time, to reviewing the theses.   Therefore, the rating of the theses is not an option at this time.

However, I am willing to continue to work on preparing the self study to be submitted by May 17th.  Once I receive your propose changes, I will review them and distribute to the faculty for their comments.


On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 9:52 AM, Nils Peterson wrote:

Thanks for meeting this AM. In the future, I’m happy to reciprocate and go to your office, just share that with Judy.

Here are my notes summarizing what I believe we agreed. Please feel free to clarify or correct anything below.

Regarding the rating of thesis documents:
You have the 6 thesis documents, each about 20 pages. You are working on identifying raters, at present yourself and 2-3 others are likely.

I am going to organize OAI resources for a norming session to take place in about 10 days — perhaps the week of Feb 8. I will need your help arranging a 90 minutes that will work for the raters you are identifying. Please confirm if that week or the week following are preferable.

The process will use paper copies of the thesis, with names removed and code numbers applied. I will get you a guide sheet for doing this document preparation.

I will create an online survey using the rubric in your program’s self study document, and make you an owner of that survey so you can take over the process moving forward.

Following the norming session, raters will have until the end of spring break, March 21, to complete their rating tasks.

OAI will help you get reports of the data and think about next steps after the rating.

Regarding the December draft self-study
You have been sharing the OAI feedback with the chair and are continuing to think about the recommendations and which are politically and practically feasible

I will use Track Changes to propose a new draft of your self-study by the week of Feb 8.

You will accept/modify/reject my suggestions based on the context and we will discuss further revisions.

We did not discuss, but I would hope we have a revised version to send through the OAI rating process by March 8.

Regarding the May 17 self-study
Beginning after March 21, I will help you think about the results of ratings and the feedback on the revised shelf study in the process of creating the self-study due May 17

Thanks again for your attention to all this


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