OAI Working Meeting agenda and whiteboards

OAI Working Meeting agenda and whiteboards

On Jan 28, 2010 OAI staff had a working meeting to revisit the evolution of the organization from its CTLT roots of a year prior.

Questions of: what is our mission? to whom are we responsible? and what is my role? have been in tremendous flux and the university and unit transitioned.

The meeting today was aimed at reflecting on what we know now, from the vantage of nearly completing the Dec 18 review cycle. Another goal was to identify some useful and scalable resources that could be assembled to provide to programs. A final goal was to spend some time with current literature related to the work.

The attached agenda is a near final draft, updated just prior to the session with the current OAI mission & goals. Photos are of the whiteboard created during the session.

OAI staff working meeting agenda 1.28


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