DML Competition Partnering Possiblilties

The MacAurther Funded, HASTAC managed DML competition has entered its next round. We found several potential partners in the January round, and there are other potentials among the first round entrants, and perhaps some new potential partners in the round two entrants. To help would-be partners visualize how our project might interact with theirs, we created this example. We’ve since been turned on to a couple other models, which are noted here.

Toward the end of last week we cooked up a scheme to partner with three projects that have the potential to serve as test-beds for our Back@U concept that works like this. We well request some additional funds to support the additional costs of our partners to serve as test contexts.

We are inviting would be partners to contact us (Nils Peterson) and discuss ideas offline and then post a comment in our DML entry about your interest in partnering and what your test-bed offers. Let us know you did so we can post in your entry as well. When the public comment closes at DML we can keep the public talk going as comments to this post.

As of now, it seems it would be useful to us  to know:

  • nature of platform (website, blog, wiki, course management system, etc) to think how our tool can interface
  • nature of your participants (numbers, age group)
  • availability and nature of mentors to provide feedback

The judges, following from your comment on our page  to your entry will probably want to know:

  • your project name
  • the URL of your page in DML

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