Coordinating on Glossary Terms

Just an update on the meeting yesterday with Larry.  The Goals groups are meeting and defining terms for WSU’s Strategic Goals (Core Themes).  The implication as I read it is that we need to hold off on these terms:


So in the context of the assignment Ashley shared, the language you find that elaborates on these concepts –or translates them effectively as suggested– may have to be reworked to align with efforts of the four WSU Goal groups.  Meanwhile, I am shipping AEA and NWCC&U definitions to the Goal Groups as Larry confirmed and suggested.

There remain  a number of terms and conceptual bottlenecks related to the language of assessment that will no doubt keep us busy.


Howard Grimes
Mary Wack
Muriel Oaks
Melynda Husky

Each chairs one of the four groups, in order.