Draft timeline for Assessment Self-study process

Draft timeline for Assessment Self-study process Showing how the self study data feeds in from programs to the template and flows back out from the template to various reporting needs.

This diagram needed to explain system to NWCCU and also to share with Liaisons and Program Points to help them understand that the goal is focus and labor saving.

[We never finished this diagram or communicated it out. Ed.]

Structure of and Access to Rain-King-Related Sites

From: Joshua Yeidel
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 17:33:07 -0700
To: “OAI.Personnel”
Conversation: Teamsite Migration Changes
Subject: Teamsite Migration Changes

This week, discussions about what-goes-where demonstrated (to me, anyway) that we didn’t have an easy-to-understand plan for universityportfolio.wsu.edu (“up.w.e.”)and assessment.wsu.edu (“a.w.e.”) with regard to restricted-access sites vs. public access.  I worked out a somewhat-revised plan that can be summarized quickly:

All new sites on up.w.e. are public-access.All sites on a.w.e are restricted-access (in various ways), EXCEPT All sites in a.w.e/public are public-access.

More information in the attached wiki page.

OUE Teamsite Migration 2010-New Site Structure – ctltwiki