A Program Point asks about Udating Accreditation Self Studies for May 17

A Program Point asks about Updating Accreditation Self Studies for May 17 A Point Asks:


I am waiting for responses from the rest of the faculty.  I have requested that they submit their questions or comments by April 9th.

Just to clarify, the current action plan states that the department is undergoing a change of chairs.  Are you wanting something more?


On 3/26/10, wrote:

My  track changes of Feb 10 on your self-study document was based on what I heard from you, when on 1/28 you canceled the help I was offering with assessing the 2009 collection of theses:

You wrote: “After our meeting on Tuesday, I began recruiting reviewers for the norming session. Everyone is busy and no one volunteered.  So, I brought this up with the chair who is unwilling to commit any resources, including faculty time, to reviewing the theses.   Therefore, the rating of the theses is not an option at this time.”

I just skimmed the document I returned to you Feb 10 and the new rubric I sent to you earlier this week. The section 3 now includes evidence as well as analysis and action. The thesis review could have constituted evidence. Shall we meet to brainstorm what evidence you do have available?   As I review my proposed draft against the new rubric it does not rate highly.

As an alternative or precursor to meeting, perhaps you would like to meet with your chair and examine your original, or my Feb 10, draft against the rubric and come to some decision of what the program is willing to (can) do next.

I’m happy to sit in on that meeting or to try to assist in any other way you can propose.


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