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FW: MCC site permissions Continue progress in building our capacity and refining our work

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From: Joshua Yeidel
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 12:12:04 -0700


During the process of building the report for NWCCU 2009, we discovered that it is not a good idea to link sites to assessment reports.  There are three issues we encountered:

Link rot.  Sites move, but all the inbound links aren’t necessarily changed (or, in the case of links in PDF’s, they are not changeable).

Page updates.  People don’t necessarily want to freeze their sites just because they included them in a report, but the updated site may not say or show the same information that made it relevant to the report.

Permissions.  The report is a showcase, but the site may not be (or may not always be).  If part of the site is public and part not, there is increased chance of misunderstandings and errors causing confidential information to become public.

Audience focus.  Websites often have many functions which can be distracting or confusing when the reader is interested in an exhibit of a very particular point.

I recommend that departments wishing to include web pages as evidence convert the pages to PDF and include them as files in the Exhibits folder. This avoids all of the issues above.

On Windows systems, programs such as PDFCreator and CutePDF (both free) can be used to “print” any printable document (including a web page as viewed in a browser) to a PDF file.  On Mac OS X, there is a built-in “Save as PDF…” command in the “PDF” drop-down menu in the Print dialog box.

We hope to have the library for May reports available today or tomorrow.

On another topic:  per-document logins are not affected by “contribute” vs. “read-only” permissions.  The issue and the workaround are documented here:

— Joshua

On 5/4/10 10:07 AM, “Green, Kimberly” wrote:


MCC is going to link their sharepoint site in their assessment report to OAI.  Who will be able to see it?

Could you add the oai ad group? (I think it needs to be contribute, bc with just read permissions a person has to log in every darn time they want to read a doc.)

And could you add me as an owner, since I’m the point person there?

Or is there a better way?   (I expect that History will have a similar need re reporting.)


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