Self-Study Process Alerts

Self-Study Process Alerts OAI folks,

Don’t forget that you can set an “alert” on the Sharepoint “Spring Self-Studies Process” list, so you get emails that keep you up to date on changes to the list.  Here is a sample (it may appear slightly shrunk due to the way it was captured):

I have my alert set so it is delivered once a day with all the day’s changes;  you can have immediate alerts on each change if you wish.

To set an alert,
go to the current OAITeam site: the top page near the right edge, click on “Welcome ” to drop down a menu.Select “My Settings” from the Menu.  You will see your profile page.From the blue toolbar about 1 inch below the top of the page, click on “My Alerts”.  You will see the “My Alerts on this Site” page. From the blue toolbar, click on “Add Alert”.  You will see the “New Alert” page.From the libraries and lists, select “Spring Self-Studies Process”.  Click “next” to see the alert settings page.Choose your settings and click “OK”.

Note that because this list is based on the “Task” list template, you will get an email when a task is assigned to you in any case.

— Joshua


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