About the Rain King Chronicle

Rain King Chronicles
A collection of artifacts from the OAI

The idea for the RKChronicle blog was to have a place where the Office of Assessment and Innovation could chronicle the transformation and invention of a university-wide learning outcomes assessment process. The collection spans the life of the pilot project at Washington State University to create a system of assessment of student learning outcomes spanning all undergraduate programs, where ever offered, how ever delivered. The materials begin in October 2009 near the first meeting of the Liaison Council, (leaders drawn from each college) and ends in Dec 2010 with the substantial restructuring of OAI and the departure of the leadership team that led the work.

The material was originally published in a public (but obscure) SharePoint blog on UniversityPortfolio.wsu.edu. With the restructuring of OAI, the collection of posts (now marked with the RKChroncile category) was moved here. It is something more than a content repository, and something less than a full fledged blog.


  • Have a collection
  • Document internal learning
  • Model new way of working/learning
  • Increase our prestige
  • (Possibly) get help from outsiders

And whence the name “Rain King”? It is our internal name for this project, an oblique reference to our friend and former colleague Tom Henderson, who led some of the early assessment activities in our unit.

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