Feedback from Rating Feedback (early anecdotes)

So far the feedback we have been providing to programs has not evinced the blow-back we anticipated, perhaps, and in part, because other budget issues have gained folks attention.

At the same time, we have had a few express that they had anticipated higher scores.  This has been interesting in at least two cases because those who hoped for higher ratings are also the first to admit that their efforts are “first steps” or efforts they are hoping to put in place for the first time this coming spring.  What makes that interesting, of course, is that the anchor score we hope to achieve institution-wide is “established,” that is, a measure that indicates that a program has a system of assessment with leadership, a team, goals, and measures firmly in place.

It appears we are seeing evidence of the overwhelming suspicion we know well that assessment evinces, the recognition that it is primarily about making comparative judgments, and secondly, if at all, for guiding improvement.